Storified!:The fury of Yolanda/Haiynan .

Typhoon Yolanda has caused so far more than 5,000 dead. The updated death toll shows that the number of victims has increased by around 1,000 casualties during this week.
Yolanda, named Haiyan internationally, struck Philippines two weeks ago and the tragedy still have its space in the news.

The BBC and the Time liveblogged the event, while Al Jazeera and, more consistently, the Filipino on-line magazine Rappler are still providing updates.
I have used Storify to cover the event after days from the event, using it to tell the story from the days before the impact, to the recent debate over climate change as a trigger. I wanted
in this way to demonstrate that brilliant new curation tools like Storify can make a difference in the storytelling process, even if  reporter is temporally and geographically far from what is happening.


Are you using already Storify? Do you do far better than I did? Have you got any suggestion?
Just write a comment below and help us to understand the tool. 

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