Agriturismo: la Toscana si conferma come la regina del settore, ma il 2014 é stato l’anno del boom al Sud

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Secondo i dati Istat, nel 2014 le strutture agrituristiche erano 4% in più rispetto all’anno precedente, mentre la Toscana si conferma la regione con il più alto numero di aziende in Italia, concentrate soprattutto a Siena e Grosseto. Ma le unitá sono diminuite rispetto al picco del 2012, in controtendenza con la crescita nazionale. Alto anche il numero di aziende a conduzione femminile: in Italia una su cinque é toscana.

Foto by TopRural, via Flickr

Il settore dell’agriturismo é in continua crescita. A dirlo sono i dati recentemente diffusi dall’Istat che confermano

World Environment Day: the best and worst performing countries listed and mapped

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By Ron Mader via Flickr, Creative Commons 

This post was first published on 5th June but some technical issues forced me to republish it today. 

Today, 5th of June, is the World Environment Day, a recurrence established by the United Nations to encourage awareness and action for the environment.

This year's theme of the event is "Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care" and it is not a coincidence that the country hosting the 2015 event also hosts the World Exposition 2015, this year focused on a similar theme.

Expo 2015: 5 partners of the event you (probably) don’t want in the future food industry

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Today (1st of May) the World Exposition has kicked off in Milan. This time the wider theme is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", so food production, its sustainability and future.

Indeed it is an interesting topic and surely a critical one to be discussed between world leaders if humans want to stick around for some more years. And being the hosting country, Italy, one of the greatest exporters of high quality food products, it is also a strategic one for the Bel Paese.

Apparently, the event fails its premises as Expo 2015 S.p.A, the organisation who manages the event, is partnering with companies that have demonstrated poor sensibility towards the environment, health and food. Is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” what the fair will be really about?

McDonald’s, Coca Cola and other multinationals are sponsoring and will get

Debate: what's wrong with GM?

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This Storify gathers the relevant tweets from the recent debate organised by

Panellists reflects on the importance of an healthy debate and an accurate risk/benefit assessment.
To view the entire debate with longer statements and many scientific resources go on the comments section of the webpage.

What's your opinion?
Do you feel safe with GMOs in the market? Do we need better labelling regulations?
Do small farmers in developing countries benefit or there are other methods out there?
Write a comment below and let's discuss...

10 years of floods: a fancy animated map. How many have hit your country?

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The map below shows all the 200 floods occurred all over the World during the last decade. 
Stop the animation clicking on the  button and explore the map on your month and year of interest.

How many floods occurred?
How many hit your country?

The visualisation is based on figures provided by Dartmouth Flood Observatory and shows the constant occurring of floods all around the planet. Some countries are hit more than others though..
Read my previous post on the frequency of floods in Europe and how it is likely to rise in the future.

Get here the data used for the map, with additional information on the severity of the floods. 
The figures cover the period 1990-2014.
Or read the Simon Rogers' tutorial on how to do a animated map using CartoDB and its new feature Torque.

Are some floods missing? Let me know in a comment below...

The numbers behind the floods in Europe. Romania the most struck in last 30 years

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Between the 14th and 18th of May severe floods and landslides hit the Balkans, claiming 50 lives and causing a level of destruction financially comparable to the 1992-1995 Balkan conflict, as Al Jazeera reported.

However, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian, the most affected by the tragedy, are not the only ones who have been facing extreme natural events recently, as ten days earlier Italian town Senigallia suffered the same faith as well as the southern British Somerset region, which last January experienced the wettest month ever.
These are of course minor events compared to what happened in the Balkans and last year’s massive flood in Central Europe, but there's the terrible (and legitimate) concern that these extreme events are getting more and more frequent.

Explore some of the information on floods occurred since 1990 in the map by selecting one year in the drop-down menu

Is it getting better?

According to data collected by the Dartmouth Flood Observatory

As simple as that: how we designed the HS2 campaign tool

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This post is about the tool me and my team designed for our HS2 campaign in the "Build the news" event and how we came out with the the Fusion table-to-Twitter map with which we won the "Crowd" category. And, as the title suggests, the combination of tools I used are free and really easy to use.

The tool 

What we had in mind was to create a map showing the votes of MPs in the recent HS2 Preparation Bill by constituency, then allowing the users to tweet their opinion about the vote to their MP.
There is already